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The Curious Edge in Hendersonville, TN serves the greater Nashville area with a number of neuroeducational resources for all ages. Our focus is identifying and treating the underlying reason for your learning struggles. We carefully evaluate each individual who come through our center and custom-design a strategic plan for you. This comprehensive approach helps us better serve your unique individual learning needs.

We are proud to be a creative place where imagination sparks curiosity and learning differences are celebrated. Our team of specialists at The Curious Edge are highly trained in the fields of Speech-Language Pathology, Psychology, Social Work, and Education. Together, we work with the medical community to bridge the gap between the neurological and educational communities.

Academic Programs

At The Curious Edge, we have a successful track record of helping students of all ages achieve academic success. Our programs are research-based and customized to each individual student, and to accommodate their needs and learning style.

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Do you believe your child's teacher or school would benefit from an educational inservice? The Curious Edge provides education inservices for parents, teachers, and school administrators to help them better understand learning disabilities and language disorders.

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If your child struggles in school, has a learning disability, language or speech delays, or just needs help boosting their grades, our programs and specialists are here to help. Every program is customized to fit each student, so they receive individual attention and care.

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